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Top 8 Credit Card Scams Around the World

Top 8 Credit Card Scams Around the World

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If you’re the kind of person who likes to rely on your credit card then you’ll need to read through these common credit card scams currently being perpetrated around the world.

1) The Skimmer

These little contraptions affix to ATMs in secretive ways you’d never notice unless you were specifically looking for them. When you swipe your credit card or debit card, the skimmer reads your information and sends it on to whomever set up the device in the first place. Some scammers will even set up cameras alongside their skimmer in order to capture victim’s button presses, as well. More often than not, credit card skimmers can be found in gas stations.

2) The False Jury Duty Scam

In this scam, the perpetrator will call their victim, claiming that the victim has missed an assigned jury duty and as a result, a bench warrant has been put out for their arrest. The worried individual will then proceed to do whatever they can to get out of the trouble, giving the caller a lot of personal information — including credit card numbers. This scam has been extremely popular in 2017, especially in Colorado, where several area seniors have fallen victim to this easily avoidable crime.

3) The Fake ID Scam

In recent years, innovative criminals have resorted to creating entire fake identities and even shell corporations that could lend legitimacy to their credit history. They then purchase credit cards and run up huge tabs before the credit card company goes looking for the bill, only to discover that they’re hunting a ghost. In early 2017, two Jersey City jewelry store owners were sentenced after using this technique to steal somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million before they were apprehended.

4) The Defective Chip Card Scam

These scammers call their customers, claiming to be the victim’s bank and tell them that their brand new chip card is defective or say that it’s time to receive their new chip card. Either way, the result is the same: the scammer asks for the victim’s personal information in order to get the ball rolling, only to turn around and use that personal info to run up huge credit charges.

5) Better Credit Card Deals

Some scammers will call their victims and pose as executives working for the credit card company itself. There’s even a trick they sometimes use to gain a victim’s trust –Known as the ‘no hang-up scam– where they ask you to hang up and call the number on the back of the card. However, the scammer doesn’t hang up and spoofs the dile-tone, leaving the call still connected. When you come back the scammer’s accomplice answers and impersonates whoever you thought you’d called and continues with the scam, asking you for your personal information to finalize the details and get everything all set up for you.

It’s relatively common knowledge that you should never, ever give out any personal information to anyone on the phone, even if they claim to be from an official source.

And no credit card company is going to actually call and solicit private information from you over the phone or via email.

6) Be Especially Careful in These Seven States

Nevada, Colorado, Maryland, New Hampshire, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon report the highest instances of credit card fraud in the United States. As a result, it’s likely a good idea to be extra vigilant when you’re in these areas. If you’re hoping to avoid a skimmer hiding at an ATM, just jiggle the card reader before you swipe. If it’s loose, it’s best not to trust it.

7) The In-House Scammer

Corrupt service industry personnel like waiters will double scan credit cards, once to apply your meal charges and once into a secret scanner they’ve brought that can store your credit information for future use. Unfortunately, this one is generally tough to avoid, since it is very commonplace to give your card to an employee in a restaurant and allow them to carry it out of sight.

8) Companies Aren’t Immune, Either

More than one major company, including Apple, Target, Sony, and more, have been the victim of attacks that have compromised the personal information of their users. Take, for instance, the attack on TJ Maxx in 2006 that exposed more than 94 million customer credit cards. The person responsible, Albert Gonzalez, was leading a 12-person ring of hackers. They’d raised more than a billion dollars before being apprehended.

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  1. yes i do . im a cashier and iv bin had twice. when the person brings his grocery items to the regester. ibswip his bonus car and start to scan the items in the mean time while im focused onscaning the items they qiuckly put there chip card in amd pulle it out. when i proceed to the next step that says exact amount they grab the grocerys before the computer can clear the card and process it. leaving the bill unpaid……. …

  2. Common debit card fraud: government tax agency emails you pretending that you're income tax return is ready. They spoof your banks website and get access to your online banking info. After you give the info away, it fails to log you in and redirects you to the real site.

  3. Anyone who falls for these scam phone calls asking for information is a complete idiot … I don't think banks etc. should foot the bill if information was given to scammers … the idiot should be liable …. we've all had enough warning … how many times do we need to be told?

  4. Just a heads up – in some instances your bank or credit card company WILL call you.  Normally where they detect strange transactions of your card.  However they will never ask you for any information as they already have it all to hand.

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  6. Last time I got a call from american express I tell the caller that he was a fucking scamer, before sayin "go fuck yourself" he explain that I didn't pay my last bills and he was only calling for that…. i'm a maniac.

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