Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

The Xerox Thieves: Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

The Xerox Thieves: Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

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40th video of the Behind the Business Series.

We live in an era of smartphones and computers that are defined by their sleek designs and ease of use. But exactly how did the concept of the “graphical user interface” come about?

While Apple and Microsoft are the GUI kings today, it was the researchers at Xerox that invented the GUI at their Palo Alto Research Center. If only Xerox management had seen the potential of these inventions, perhaps today they would’ve been the first trillion-dollar company. Alas, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates saw what Xerox management couldn’t: they acquired the GUI from Xerox for dirt-cheap and the rest, as they say, is history.

Under the kind patronage of Dan Supernault, Samuel Patterson & James Gallagher.

46 thoughts on “The Xerox Thieves: Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

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  2. XEROX management was arrogant not to see what they had in their hands. But the title is incorrect because in reality Silicon Valley was founded on companies stealing from each other not just these two men.

  3. Not so much thieves, as given away by Xerox because of utterly incompetent management, who didn't understand technology, because they had gotten fat on their monopoly. It's the usual outcome of a lot of monopolistic companies that start getting run by bean counters and vision free sales and marketing types who can only see the upcoming quarter.

  4. Xerox takes credit for object oriented programming, networking and email and more importantly the GUI. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were in high school when these ideas surfaced. Xerox should have made the technology open source and we would have jumped many folds than where we are now.

  5. dumb head. Xerox had the technology but didn't know what to do with it. Steve Job invested a significant amount in Xerox that got him access to the technology. He didn't steal it, he got the vision from it, he redid all the work with the apple team. Had it not been for these 2 "thieves"(according to you) you would neither have computers, nor the internet (like you use now) that you used to create and deploy this video. This was a revolution in the computer industry. Just compare the flagship phones and their "killers", that would be stealing. Actually that's shameless sealing as the giant industries even 'steal' the looks from the phone.

  6. That's what I call clickbait. First of all, here nobody stole anything, Jobs paid for the technology in Apple shares, and Xerox was quite agree, secondly Apple and Microsoft made accessible to everyone a technology that, with Xerox, costed a crazy amount of money, 40000 Dollars for that Xerox Alto? No wonder that they where going nowere.

  7. Who did they have fix everything and change all passwords so no employees can access it if fired. A family man no one knew but the owner so much leaning as a kid so much truth about stealing it most fixings took place in Salinas and Monterey California

  8. I wouldn't call them thieves,
    Xeros executives just failed to see the future,
    while Jobs and Gates saw what Graphical User Interfaces could do for the Personal Computing industry.
    It's not stealing, it's call observing and having a vision

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  10. Stop saying that these guys were thieves. Xerox showed what they were working on and ended up with stock from Apple. Microsoft got some Xerox employees. Xerox was not interested in commercializing their tech. That is not theft.

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