Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

Nick Foles offers inspiring words of advice on failure

SportsPulse: Nick Foles, among the unlikeliest of Super Bowl heroes, gave his thoughts on how failure has helped him succeed, and then on his future in Philadelphia.

46 thoughts on “Nick Foles offers inspiring words of advice on failure

  1. Good and true man & leader… "Life is a process of trials and testings, and these are, contrary to what we are prone to thinking, good for us, and give us stamina, and teach us to rely on God. Knowing He will help us, we can help ourselves more." ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha'i Faith

  2. I may hate the Eagles, but you can’t not respect this guy. He’s gone through so much, he deserves it so much. Much respect to you Nick. Words to live by.

  3. Wow cant believe everyone gonna sit here and lie and say you all loved foles since day 1 like everyone wasnt saying he sucked when he was struggling wow now everyone gonna sit here and say this is his team and you always knew he was gonna win us a sb right ??

  4. A humble family man, gives credit to Jesus, loyal to his teammates and Eagles. Wow. NFL really needed a Nick Foles to take the stage. This is attention to a man well respected and deserved. Unlike the spoiled & disrespectful kneelers. Nick is our hometown U of Arizona Wildcat. How he has grown. Wants to be a youth pastor. We could use him on the AZ Cardinals. Plz Eagles send him our way

  5. Carson + Nick = successful team lead by example leadership and a huge part of the success of this team. Keep them both and this team will be back to the SB next year.

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