Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

Cracklands: Rio’s deadly secret

Cracklands: Rio's deadly secret

A mile from the site of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony hides a drug-riddled apocalypse. USA TODAY Sports’ Martin Rogers reports on the Cracklands of Rio de Janeiro.

46 thoughts on “Cracklands: Rio’s deadly secret

  1. this is just the saddest thing ever!! these people need help!😢😭 the church people there praying with them is a beautiful thing and it needs to happen more often! they need prayer,they need guidance and refuge from this horrific destructive path they're walking! my heart goes to these people and sad thing is, it's so overlooked, it's a crime to stop somebody while they're using,how crazy is that! just so sad!

  2. I was once a junkie meth benzo opiate alcohol weeds mandrax cough syurps pcp lsd it was like thats the only thing that I know until my family got rich we move out now I have a job and a family that support me Im no longer the buddha that used to miggle with this suckers Im blesssed and im still helping the other every now and then

  3. 40% of the population in favelas are adicted? I'm from Brazil a i Sat that it's wrong
    Only in Rio, there is 2 Million people Living in favelas. There isnt 800000 adicteds to crack in Rio, but it os also a big number

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