Thu. Jan 24th, 2019

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown reacts to Lebron being told to ‘shut up and dribble’

Celtics' Jaylen Brown reacts to Lebron being told to 'shut up and dribble'

NBA All-Star: Jaylen Brown spoke to the media about the comments made by a Fox News analyst in regards to Lebron James.

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49 thoughts on “Celtics’ Jaylen Brown reacts to Lebron being told to ‘shut up and dribble’

  1. I love the stance that LeBron is taking because it allows and encourages young men like Jaylen to speak up. If LeBron does why can’t he? Now that’s a legacy set up Kareem and that James continues bravo!

  2. Fuck these arrogant jocks , celebrities and media propagandist , keep your fucking one sided , warped opinions to yourself before you god damm arrogant self absorbed pieces of shit start a civil war , or is that what you treasonous liberals want , after all its always liberals and democrats that burn American flags , not republicans , and to think these idiots proudly belong to the Democratic Party , the same party of the southern racist slaveowners of the old south , wake up fools , you can side with the sly cunning devil and its anti American , evil , brainwashed , liberal nazis that are against everything Americans traditionally stood for , and you can lets america turn into the den of evil baby killers , , anti family , anti religion , anti constitution liberal cesspool , or wake up , grow up , wise up then stand up to to the manipulative cunning powers of the corrupt establishment , and bring god back into our society , our children and our country and respect one another as the bible teaches , that is our only two choices people , wake up , the country you save will be your own !

  3. Hands Up! Don't get mad at ME!  I'm just giving my opinion OK! 99.9% of NBA and NFL athletes are uneducated.  99.9% of them became great at playing sports in the hood, got a scholarship to a university/ college, and got drafted and moved out of the hood.  What more do you expect from these clowns? haha

  4. This guy is not intelligent at all.  He, Lebron and all their NBA amigos need to repeat elementary grade level courses before they can speak any further on "racism," which they have created and are continuously promoting.  At the end of the day, he needs to just dribble as well.  Go do what you moved out of the "hood" to do; that is, go dribble and make millions.  Stop claiming "racism" when you moved out of the hood because you were tired of your own people.

  5. The difference is politics is the lady's job, basketball is lebrons job. She was pretty much telling him 2 stay n his lane, since he likes 2 trash how politicians are doing their job (and even rightfully so).

  6. Everybody saying how articulate he is which is good but if he was to talk “differently” then what? You bitches need to stop focusing on how someone speaks and rather focus on the moral standpoint of the topic.

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