Mon. Dec 17th, 2018

BMW: The Dark Story of a German Dynasty

BMW: The Dark Story of a German Dynasty

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41st video of the Behind the Business Series.

BMW is one of the most famous German automobile companies, but the owners of BMW have a particularly interesting and dark history. Today, BMW is owned by the heirs of war profiteers who collaborated with the Nazi regime. In fact, the richest family in Germany today owes their wealth to the crimes committed during WW2 by their forebears.

The Quandt family made their wealth during the two world wars, first by making uniforms for the German Empire and then by building factories next to concentration camps. After the war they managed to keep their wealth and used it to buy up struggling businesses. BMW is one such company, which they did indeed save, but nevertheless with blood money.

Under the kind patronage of Dan Supernault, Samuel Patterson, James Gallagher & Brett Gmoser.

44 thoughts on “BMW: The Dark Story of a German Dynasty

  1. Look I agree with you war is bad and what his people did are horrible but one thing you have to understand is this guy is a capitalist and wants to make money exploitation will never end

  2. It's bullshit to single out the Nazi-Industrialist connection in particular.
    These Capitalists were after money and did business WITH ANY REGIME THAT WAS IN PLACE AT THE TIME.
    Look at this guy. He did not care if the regime was Kaiser Germany, Nazi Germany, or American occupiers.
    All he wanted was to make tons of money selling stuff. And increase the power of his family like any capitalist.
    There is nothing special about the Nazi relationship. These people were no National Socialists at heart. They were greedy capitalists. And they will survive until end of time, building their business on the back of any current regime in power. Today Merkel, tomorrow another puppet.

  3. What's disgusting is thousands of regular low level Army or SS soldiers were summarily executed like dogs by the Allies,
    Yet big shot Nazis like this guy got off scot free.
    It shows that if you had connections and were not the son of a farmer, you could thrive no matter the regime.

  4. had to be done 😒😒😒 whatever … you mean they have so much white German guilt they are funding the destruction of Germany to import immigrants and terrorists while you sit on your high horse and talk shit. they make fast cars , somethin Germans can be proud of… shouldn't be funding brainless retards like the bitch in there now. should be supporting someone who will preserve German culture. Maybe not the whole Nazi thing , but pride in country anyway, i mean they did come together and almost took over the world. I mean , not really somethin to brag about , but shouldn't necessarily have to be completely shameful.

  5. Nazi regime machinery like the SS was not much of the war focus. The war focus was to repel the invasion and destructions of Western Europe/Christianity and peace? All that Jewish and Russian gypsies stuff came after the Allied and Soviet occupation of Germany and investigations!?

  6. Operation Paper Clip allowed for NAZI and German Industrialist to Escape Germany and Prison. BMW is One of many German Corporations who are Financing a GLOBAL NAZI NETWORK they have not changed they made a PACK with THIRD REICH NAZI,S to bring about The FOURTH REICH.

  7. They and others even more guilty was forgiven because of ideological reasons to make encirclement effort against USSR . Plus capitalists all over the world sympathised with Nazis only reason they fought was because Nazis threatened colonialist British interests in Africa and became overambitious while Stalin conceded western Europe . Biggest scandal is Japanese forgiveness all in the service of waging cold war against ideological enemies in communism

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