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9 Eerie Abandoned Places That Will Creep You Out

9 Eerie Abandoned Places That Will Creep You Out

Amusement parks, forgotten train stations, aborted housing projects and underwater cities range from hauntingly beautiful to downright creepy.
Here are nine Eerie Abandoned Places That Will Creep You out!
Maunsell Sea Forts, UK
Built during world war two and used as armed lookout towers. One fort off the coast of Suffolk was declared the Principality of Sealand by the Bates family in 1967. It’s not officially recognized as a sovereign state, but you can purchase a Lord, Baron or Count title from there if you’d like.
Mirny Diamond Mine, Russia
Almost a mile wide and visible from space, this Siberian open-pit mine was built in the Stalin era to supply the Soviet Union with industrial diamonds. Digging began in 1955, creating the second largest man-made hole in the world. The mine closed in the 2000s.
Hotel del Salto, Colombia
Said to be haunted by ghosts of former patrons who fell to their death, this cliffside “Mansion of Tequendama Falls” was built in the 1920s and was once an elegant hotel for wealthy tourists. However, the Bogotá river was found to be contaminated so the place closed down.
Manteno State Mental Hospital, USA
This Illinois psychiatric facility was built in 1927, and once housed over 8000 patients. A lot of experimental shock treatment and lobotomies took place here over the years. Allegations of secret medical testing by the military are also part of Manteno’s macabre legacy. It closed its doors in 1985.
Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan
In the 1990s someone thought building a Gulliver’s Travels theme park at the foot of Mount Fuji would draw the crowds. Despite plenty of government support, the project failed after only a few years. The ill-advised theme park closed in 2001 and was demolished in 2007.
Pripyat, Ukraine
After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster irradiated the vicinity back in 1986, it remains untouched since the fateful incident and is now open to brave tourists who want to explore this post-apocalyptic ghost town.
Orpheum Theater, USA
The former Majestic Opera House was a vaudeville theater and movie house in New Bedford, Massachusetts. It opened in April 15, 1912 (the same day the Titanic sank) but closed down in 1958.
Canfranc Rail Station, Spain
This was once an elegant Art Nouveau train station in the Pyrenees between France and Spain. After a derailment accident in 1970, the station closed down. However, deep underground, it now serves as a secret laboratory conducting research on dark matter.
Shi Cheng Underwater City, China
40 meters under Qiandao Lake is China’s very own “Atlantis of the East”. The preserved stone structures are like a time capsule dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, which ruled from 1368 to 1912.

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