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5 Things NOT To Do in Armenia

5 Things NOT To Do in Armenia

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Heritage of the Kardashians and supposed resting place of Noah’s Ark. However, for a hiccup free vacation there, follow these things not to do when you’re hitting the road in Armenia.

1. Don’t Expect Everyone to Speak English
A lot of people throughout Armenia will speak some English with you. But it’s pretty pompous to expect them to understand you. Just take the time to memorize a few easy phrases like “hello” = Բարեւ ‘Barev’

2. Don’t Skip a Picnic
Armenia is absolutely filled with incredible wine, cheese, fruits and veggies. If you have the opportunity, it’s never a bad idea to grab some delectable goodies and have a nice, lazy picnic in a public area.

3. Don’t Forget To Do Some Research
If you’re an American, it’s likely that your average history class didn’t exactly spend tons of time talking about Armenian culture. So, before you travel there do a little research as the locals will appreciate the passing familiarity with their culture.

4. Don’t Discount Some Adventure Travel
If you’re in Armenia to sit back, look at the scenery and drink some wine, then you came to the right place. But there are plenty of extreme sports available like skiing, rock climbing and even paragliding.

5. Don’t Miss Out on the Churches
Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity and is also home to Mt. Ararat — the place where Noah’s Ark supposedly made landfall. As a result the country is home to some of the world’s oldest and most beautiful Christian churches.

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49 thoughts on “5 Things NOT To Do in Armenia

  1. Keep in mind the dislikes come from angry Turks who know that Armenians are the people of those lands. Not them. It frustrates them that the world tells them something completely opposite of what their propaganda government teaches them. The world knows Armenia is one of the oldest countries still in existence today, ancient Christians. Azeris and the Turks don’t have history on those lands. Azeris are Iranians they spoke Iranian not even 200 years ago. Turks are a mix of mongols from Central Asia. So it drives them insane to know that Armenians is where all the culture of the region comes from.

  2. I am Turkish and I wish our borders were open.
    Like we dont have to be friends or love each other.
    Just like Greece and Turkey.
    I still hate Armenia and Greece.
    But closed borders are so useless and shitty.

  3. The video advises to "do your research", and then says that "Armenia is home to Mt. Ararat". Actually, while Mt. Ararat is a symbol of Armenia and used to be in historical Armenia, it's been part of Turkey for a long time. Do your research please.

  4. Funny thing is armenians usually eat fresh organic food , mostly fruits , vegetables, and grains because having meat is rare usually . So they’re like involuntarily mostly vegetarian lol

  5. Dont wear gym gear unless your actually going to the gym
    Dont spend all your time in Yerevan , country sides are beautiful
    Dont bring damaged or even slightly torn bills they wont exchange them
    Dont jay walk, traffic can be dangerous
    Dont forget to eat local food is cheap and amazing
    Dont forget to tip few bucks should be enough
    Dont be affectionate in public if your gay or lesbian
    Dont forget your passport when you change your sim card on your phone, you'll need it.

  6. Armenia was a part of the Soviet union so if there was a second language it would be for sure Russian where it was widely spoken in the republics of the union and it was also taught in school at that time.

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