Thu. Jan 24th, 2019

11 Scariest Viewing Platforms Ever!

11 Scariest Viewing Platforms Ever!

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Join us as we take a look at the World’s Scariest Viewing Platforms!

1. The French Alps’ Step into the Void Viewing Platform is Located 3,400 Feet Above a Sea of Icy Glaciers!

2. The Alpsitze Viewing Platform in Germany Features Two Multi-Level Extensions Into an Abyss That’s More than 3,200 Feet Above the Ground

3. The Aurland Fjord Viewing Platform Was Crafted From Traditional Scandinavian Timbers and Sits 2,000 Feet Above the Western Overlook

4. Grab a Meal While You Sweat From Nerves at Tokyo’s Skytree Viewing Platform, Located in the World’s Third Tallest Structure

5. 800 Feet Above the Rushing Colorado River is the Grand Canyon’s Stunning Glass-Floored Walkway

7. Take in the Entire Scope of One of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities From the Viewing Platform Atop London’s Shard

8. The Dachstein Glacier Is the Gathering Point of Eight Glaciers and the Viewing Platform Provides a View of All Eight As Well As the Surrounding Forests of the Czech Republic

9. Vancouver’s Cliffwalk is a 700-Foot Long Walkway Suspended 300 Feet Above British Columbia’s Capilano River

11. A Viewing Platform Doesn’t Have to Be Man Made to Be Impressive, Just Check Out Norway’s Trolltunga Cliff Which Hovers 2,300 Feet Above Lake Ringedalsvatnet

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