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10 Things NOT To Do in Paraguay

10 Things NOT To Do in Paraguay

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The mountainous nation is one of the least visited on the continent, so it’s less crowded. It’s easy to enjoy Paraguay, but it’s also easy to find yourself in a little bit of hot water. If you’d like to keep your Paraguay vacation on the fun side, here are 10 Things NOT to Do.

1. Social Engagements Won’t Start on Time
If you’re fortunate enough to get invited to a party or dinner. Show up about half an hour to forty-five minutes late and don’t expect dinner too early.

2. You Might Get Touched
In Paraguay the culture is much intimate. If and when a local does warm up to you, expect to shake their hands when you meet and when you part. You might even get kissed on both cheeks. It’s not a come on, they’re just being friendly.

3. Don’t Talk Negatively
No one wants to hear about it. Paraguayan residents especially don’t need to hear your thoughts on their political process. However, they would be thrilled to inform you about their country if you express genuine, unbiased curiosity.

4. Keep It Tranquil
In Paraguay especially, throwing a hissy fit or getting in a hurry is a good way to turn off the locals. The culture of Paraguay is focused on tranquility, so stay calm and you’ll fit right in.

5. Drink Your Mate Through the Straw
When you order the national beverage of Paraguay, mate, the tea-like bever-age will be served hot, with a metal straw in the gourd-shaped cup. The straw isn’t for stirring, you’re supposed to sip the drink through it. Just a head’s up.

6. People From Paraguay Are Americans, Too
If you’re from the United States of America, you’re a North American. The Unit-ed States of America does not have the sole claim to the title of American and some people in South America can get offended when you suggest otherwise.

7. Don’t Worry About Clearing Your Plate
If you’re eating in a private home in Paraguay, do your best to eat as much as possible. However, you don’t need to clean your plate. Leaving some leftovers on the plate is a sign that your host has provided enough sustenance. It’s a sign of respect.

8. Machos
In Paraguay, the culture tends toward the macho. Men may very well make overt passes at you while you’re out having fun. If you’re not having it, just let them know in polite, but certain terms. Most of men would never willingly of-fend or upset a woman.

9. Tips for Business Travelers, Part 1

Show up on time for any meetings, but don’t expect to get down to business until at least 15 to 20 minutes later. It’s important that you are respectful enough to be punctual, but that you’re eager to enjoy the company of your cor-porate host.

10. Tips for Business Travelers, Part 2
In Paraguay, you won’t start working right away, first you’ll have a small talk. But, remember that the personal relationship you are forging is equally as im-portant as the professional one, so take some time to nurture that friendship. It can only help you out.

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42 thoughts on “10 Things NOT To Do in Paraguay

  1. Paraguay is not mountanous its as flat as Holland! also u dont have to leave food on your plate or eat all doesnt exist! Paraguays national drink is terere not maté! Cheers mate 😉

  2. I'm paraguayan, most photos are from peruvians and other countries people. Paraguay has few mountains, some events start late others start on time. This video is s*hit. Lies,lies,lies. boludo este!!!!

  3. Paraguay it's also in America!? Hahahaha my God.. People from united state think that they are the center of the universe. None of those pics is from Paraguay and the tereré is a traditional drink here.. This video does have not the correct information.

  4. Todos las persona ahí son o indigenas o asiáticas, en paraguay hay más mestizos y blancos, porqué indigenas solo hay un 3% de la poblacion el 60% son mestizos y el 37% blancos… (corríjanme si estoy mal)

  5. Those folks ain't paraguayan, almost none of them, also here the traditional beverage is tereré (cold mate), people here are very friendly, there's almost none violent crimes(but a lot of thefts and small time felony), our culture la very relaxed, respectfull and chill, almost nothing to worry about for people of welth, also the taxes are low and you can live nicely with not so much money, the cost of life here is relatively low and is a nice country for being relaxed, people who like nature will love it here, greetings from Paraguay!!!

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