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10 Things NOT To Do in Amsterdam

10 Things NOT To Do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has the reputation of being an “anything goes” city. Its relaxed approach to things like s*x and dr**s are legendary, but there are plenty of don’ts to keep in mind when visiting the Dutch capital. So Here are 12 things NOT to do in Amsterdam.

Number 1.
Don’t Take Pictures of the Women in the Windows.
The Red Light District with around 300 window parlors of pr*stitutes on display but if you get caught sneaking a pic, things could get confrontational.

2. Blue Lights are NOT Red Lights!
In the Red Light District, a blue light indicates that a trans-gender s*x worker is behind the glass.

3. Coffee Shops AREN’T St*rbucks.
Amsterdam coffee shops are for a fix of another kind. C*nnabis, h*sh and other soft dr*gs are tolerated inside.

4. Only smoke dr*gs in a Coffee Shop
You can legally light up a joint but not a cigarette. Many enforce the anti-smoking rule with fines.

5. Don’t Take Cookies from Strangers
If a pretty Dutch girl offers you a cookie, refuse! It can contain some dodgy ingredients and while you zone out your valuables are snatched.

6. Don’t Drive a Car
You can get around anywhere you want on foot or by bike, public transportation is efficient and taxis are plentiful.

7. Don’t Think Dr*gs are Legal Here!
Recreational dr*gs are technically ill*gal however the posession of under 5 grams of c*nnibis is not.

8. Don’t Block the Bike Paths
Don’t stop to take a selfie, check a map or gawk at the scenic canal in the middle of the bike flow, or you’re asking for trouble.

9. Don’t Drink H*ineken
As with most famous beers, you can enjoy them back home! Sample local beers from microbreweries for a more authetic experience.

10. Don’t Miss the Poffertjes.
These spongy spheres are like a Dutch donut hole served with a knob of butter and optional toppings like Nutella or strawberries.

Now you can enjoy your stay in the Capital of the Netherlands.

46 thoughts on “10 Things NOT To Do in Amsterdam

  1. 1, is true but you won’t get arrested just beat up
    2, I think so..
    3, true
    4, I never actually went to a coffee shop but I don’t think it’s illegal. It is illegal on most places though.
    5, true
    6, yes it’s ok to drive a car here but it’s very busy especially in the randstad
    7, true
    8, true
    9, Heineken is ok, it’s just that the other brewers are way better.
    10, true

  2. heres another tip: If youre drunk, DONT piss in the canals. Its not uncommon that a drunkard tries, only to fall in and drown. The water is also quite foul and you might hit a rusty old bike wreck.

    Also, beware of pickpockets in crowded areas. And dont give money to beggars. Theyre likely gypsies and all work together to make alot of money off gullible tourists.

  3. actualy the "dont take pictures of the prostitudes" is more like dont take pics of anyone without premission or you culd be arrested btw i am dutch and lived most my life in amsterdam so i know what can and cant be done 😛

  4. Yeah. R u trying to tell me to do drugs in Amsterdam? U Mention they’re legal and this is a video of what not to do. You’re literally telling us to do drugs if you go to Amsterdam. Think about it. It sounds stupid but it makes sense. Just watch the video. 👎🏻🤮🤨😒

  5. Funny! A couple of weeks ago I went with friends to Amsterdam. I liked the houses & driving around. Never went to these funny places with whores or drug cafes. What bothered me most was: I was fined for € 45 for driving 6 kilometers above the speed limit. Real cunts!

  6. Rule 1 smoke weed and what the fuck u want on the streets because nobody gives a fuck. if there are much people and officers dont smoke it because they can take it from you but there is no problem smoking it on the streets

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